What Users get:

  • Send and receive "awesomeness"
  • Climb "the most awesome" ladder
  • Get quick and painless support
  • Company-wide announcements
  • Notifications from their favorite tools
SaaSiter Feed

What partnering SaaS gets:

  • Fun factor as part of SaaS
  • Improved user adoption
  • Better engagement and feedback
  • Reach with your content
  • Virality through gamification
See how it could look in your SaaS >

Keep your users up to date

Imagine this as your own private Twitter feed. Share articles, webinars, and development plans, all of which are some of the best practices and are all useful to your users while gaining feedback from them. Integrate these features into your software within few hours.

A Perfect "Thank You" Tool

Feed is much more than a simple messaging tool. Let your users send kudos and loves to other team members. And let them climb to the top of "the most rewarded". Feed makes it easy to send encouragement messages within client’s organization and adds a nice “fun factor” to your SAAS!

Simple support button for your users

You can define admin and support groups and everytime user has a problem he needs reaction to, (s)he just presses a button and send text message asking for help. As soon as someone answers to request, all other people from support/admin group will get a notification.

Flexible licensing and support agreements

  • Product can be provided as a service or as a component to integrate to any software.
  • With or without source-code, white-labeling.
  • Design style of your preference.
  • Customization/Integration service.
  • Business specific modules development.
  • Great support plans.

Looks perfect...

Custom design packages are available. Custom "rewards" messages and icons. Would you like it to look like a chat widget or LinkedIn/Facebook messaging control? Any styling is possible to make it fit to your users.

SaaS Feed Custom Designs

Users can setup notifications from more than 50 platforms

  • AsanaAsana
  • IntercomIntercom
  • NagiosNagios
  • JiraJira
  • TrelloTrello
  • AirbrakeAirbrake
  • JenkinsCIJenkinsCI
  • AppSignalAppSignal
  • iftttifttt
  • StripeStripe
  • NewRelicNewRelic
  • BitBucketBitBucket
  • MailChimpMailChimp
  • BlossomBlossom
  • BonuslyBonusly
  • BugsnagBugsnag
  • BuildboxBuildbox
  • CircleciCircleci
  • Cloud66Cloud66
  • CodeClimateCodeClimate
  • CodeShipCodeShip
  • CrashlyticsCrashlytics
  • DataDogDataDog
  • DropBoxDropBox
  • EnvoyEnvoy
  • GoogleDriveGoogleDrive
  • GitHubGitHub
  • GoSquaredGoSquared
  • HammockHammock
  • HangoutsHangouts
  • HelpscoutHelpscout
  • HerokuHeroku
  • HoneyBadgerHoneyBadger
  • HubotHubot
  • WebHookWebHook
  • NinefoldNinefold
  • OpsgenieOpsgenie
  • PagerDutyPagerDuty
  • PaperTrailPaperTrail
  • PhabricatorPhabricator
  • PingdomPingdom
  • PivotalTrackerPivotalTracker
  • RayGunRayGun
  • ReamazeReamaze
  • RollCallRollCall
  • RunScopeRunScope
  • ScreenHeroScreenHero
  • SemaphoreSemaphore
  • SentrySentry
  • SubversionSubversion
  • StatusPageioStatusPageio
  • SupportfuSupportfu
  • TravisTravis
  • TwitterTwitter
  • UserLikeUserLike
  • LibratoLibrato
  • MagnumCIMagnumCI
  • NineFoldNineFold

Example #1: SUPPORT

Peaple SaaS

Bob is a product owner of SuperSaas. He has 100 clients with organizations from 3 to 500 people, serving 5000 users in total.
Alice is a Manager in SuperInc, she’s been using SuperSaas for one year.

Bob has a new update for his clients. He shows instructions on release splash screen with tutorial, but, most users just closed it.
And Alice doesn't like to call support to ask for clarification. So she is not using new features!

Board SaaS

Call SaaS

Here comes the Feed. Users can easily message Support in one click and short message. As easy as ABC!
Even more, while expanding the Feed box, Alice is able to see latest news and tutorials Bob posted and catch on using new features of the application.

Example #2: REACH

Blog SaaS

Bob has posted a new article about how to improve efficiency of operations in his product. But he doesn't like to spam all his users everytime he has a new blog post. Bob likes how Twitter is able to feed small messages to audience, but unfortunately Twitter has its restrictions.

So Bob posted a link to his article on the Feed and next time Alice would like to contact support or send gratitude to someone - she will see it in non-intrusive way. Like people do it in Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook but now it's inside Bob's SaaS.

Spam SaaS

Feed SaaS

And Alice can use it to remind all coworkers about company event next week. In a same non-intrusive way!

Example #3: MOTIVATE

Business SaaS

Alice would like to thank Peter from IT department for getting back quickly on her issue. So she uses the Feed to send joking "gratitude"/achievement medal to him with a commentary.

Peter sees a fun prize... and he smiles and feels appreciated :). Everyone in SuperInc can see that, and Peter climbed one step up in the "top rewarded" ladder.

Thanks SaaS

Final SaaS

This made the team work more pleasant and increased "team spirit". It improved the user adoption: those who wasn't sure about SuperSAAS yet, they use it now. Plus, thanks to fun medals sent to outside contacts, SuperSAAS may even become VIRAL! :)

Example #4: NOTIFY

Blog SaaS

Alice likes the Feed so much that she'd like to see messages from Zendesk if she has any requests to her department. And notification from Trello there as soon she gets new assignment in the project.

She knows that the Feed supports multiple providers and it's very easy to connect all notification coming into one place. The Feed.

Spam SaaS

Feed SaaS

That really saves time. No more contact windows switching, no inbox checking for critical messages. Just relax... while doing the main things.

And more stories coming...


SAASiter Feed was brought by cooperation of two software consultancies: Developex Open Developex website and DevX Software (Canada) Open DevX Software website. It has started from the experience we've got from a number of clients projects for SaaS modules implementation.
Together we bring more value to end users. SaaS Feed works with all device types

SaaSiter Feed custom module



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