Did you ever want to forget security concerns of your SAAS clients?

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If you ever answered clients security concerns...

  • "...we don't want it to leave our network."
  • "...what if database was stolen?"
  • "...can't someone sell our data?"

Now you have a perfect answer - your clients can encrypt sensible data before handing it to your control!

Military grade client-side encryption: RSA, AES, SHA

Encryption and management of public/private keys for:

  • document exchange,
  • file and media storages,
  • file/document sharing platforms,
  • other SaaS and cloud-based platforms.

Multiple integration scenarios

  • Organization level encryption and peer level encryption.
  • Ability to use commercial or open-source encryption engines of your choice.
  • Files, data streams and data fields encryption, tokenization solution available.

Flexible licensing and support agreements

  • With or without source-code.
  • White-labeling options.
  • Affordable support plans.
  • Integration service.
  • Business specific modules development.


SAASiter Vault was brought by cooperation of two software consultancies: Developex Open Developex website and DevX Software (Canada) Open DevX Software website. It has started from the experience we've got from a number of clients projects for security modules implementation.
Together we bring more value to end users.

SaaSiter Vault - security module Works with all device types



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